Sun Tyre & Wheel Systems (SUN-TWS)

About Us


Sun Tyre & Wheel Systems (SUN-TWS) is a division of Sundaram Industries Limited, a leading rubber products company engaged in the manufacture of industrial tyres, engineering rubber components for the automotive and allied markets and retreading materials and services. The company is part of the US$ 7 billion TVS Group. Sundaram Industries Limited has been in business for over 70 years, with 27 manufacturing locations in India and Sri Lanka.

SUN-TWS is growing rapidly, with plants in Sri Lanka and India. Due to unprecedented demand for its superlative products that cater to all price and performance segments, the company has begun construction of a 3rd plant located in South India.

The widest spectrum of designs, compounds and prices; modern and proprietary manufacturing technology; an Engineering Design Center that can offer complete industrial tyre solutions; the iLastic production control system that ensures a perfect cure every time and a "can do" attitude towards its customers - all combine to make SUN-TWS a preferred source for customers world wide.