Sun Tyre & Wheel Systems (SUN-TWS)

Green Initiative

Go Green

We have a responsibility to our environment.
It’s not like we have a planet B.

The TVS Group and SUN-TWS are wholly committed to doing our share in reducing the carbon footprint in our operations and in the products that we manufacture. In this respect, we have several investments and initiatives:

TVS Group:

Wind energy: Investments in excess of $500 million in the generation of power through wind farms feed our manufacturing plants which directly reduce fossil fuel consumption. Companies involved in the generation of wind power are: TVS Wind Power, TVS Wind Energy and Sundram Non- conventional Energy Systems Limited.

Bio Fuels: Innovative uses of non conventional energy sources has been promoted by Sundram Fasteners Limited.


Agricultural waste as fuel: Boilers have converted to using agricultural waste instead of fossil fuels.

Avatar Remanufactured tyres: As part of its Green Initiative, SUN-TWS works with its global distributor network for collecting and recycling (remanufacturing) solid resilient tyres from top quality used tyres. To know more....

Factory cured rubber waste recycling: 100% of the rubber waste generated at our plants are sent to our sister division that recycles the waste into reusable materials. To know more....


Our sister division is India’s largest Retreader with 22 plants across India, breathing new life into used pneumatic tyres. To know more....