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SUN-TWS manufactures a very wide range of Press On Band tyres up to the size 40x20x30, in both Imperial and Metric sizes to fit almost all applications.

The Premium P5 Press On Band tyre is characterized by a heavy duty, long-wearing, low rolling resistance Natural Rubber Tread, with a superior bond to the steel band.

Available in Traction and Smooth tread patterns, Black and Non marking compounds as also a broad range of special compounds.

Design Premium Natural Rubber design featuring low rolling resistance, low heat build up and long tread life
Operating conditions For stringent conditions, withstands intensive steering stress
Advantages Greater surface contact offering better load distribution excellent stability, high chipping resistance

Premium Numa


Premium Talon


A new range of Traction Press On Band tyres is currently under introduction which will feature an updated, semi-aggressive tread pattern.