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AVATAR recycle
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Every country has a serious disposal problem associated with used tyres.

As part of its Green Initiative, SUN-TWS works with its global distributor network for collecting and recycling (remanufacturing) solid resilient tyres from top quality used tyres. Under the Go-Green Partnership Program, distributors collect used tyres and SUN-TWS arranges for the transport of these select used tyres back to its plants for remanufacturing into AVATAR branded products.

The AVATAR is a full-size tyre with a tread built up to the 60J line, so it offers a comparable service life like a new tyre.The AVATAR remanufactured tyre is a testament to SUN-TWS’ commitment to the environment, while offering its customers another way to tackle competition.

Design 3-stage remanufactured steel bead-to-bead 3-stage remanufactured steel precured
Ride Normal, Low Rolling Resistance
Operating conditions Normal, continuous use
Advantages Ecologically relevant, comparable performance and life to a new tyre
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