Sun Tyre & Wheel Systems (SUN-TWS)

Regional Warehouse

In order to address the changing dynamics of the Industrial Tyre business, SUN-TWS has established two new warehouses in the US and Europe to serve its customers better.

The stock, conveniently packaged on standardized pallets, or customer-specified pallets, is designed to:

  • Provide product to new customers for testing prior to entering a long term relationship
  • Considerably reduce the cash flow requirements of distributors in this time of financial stringency
  • Provide immediate delivery of fast moving stock to customers when they face stock outs
  • Allow customers to customize pallets in any combination for their convenience

In the US at:
Manufacturers Equipment and Supply Company (MESCO)
9853, Hwy 78
Ladson, SC 29456

Email Id: or
Contact : Mr. Rajan Nagarkar, Customer Relationship Manager - +1 (201) 214-7348
or call Mr. Uday Kiran - +1 (919) 300-7517

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In Europe at:
TVS Autoserv GmbH
Beim Runden Plom 11
76275 Ettlingen

Email Id: or
Contact : Mr. Andrey Gayvoronsky, Customer Relationship Manager - +38 (068) 8871818
or call Mr. Uday Kiran - +1 (919) 300-7517

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If you would like a customized stocking program set up, please email us at: